Domain La Courtade - Wine details Vins Immergés White 2021 75cl

Vins Immergés White


Vintage 2021

Volume 75 cl

Unit price 100 €

Visuel bouteille de vin Domaine La Courtade - Vins Immergés White

Appellation : Protected Designation of Origin Côtes de Provence – Produced in France

Characteristics of the vintage / Tasting notes : The bottle, testimony to its passage through mysterious depths, is studded with marine concretions, and displays on each copy a singular design. A rich color with hues of gold and iodized notes present a nice balance between the roundness conferred by the barrel aging and the natural freshness of the grapes. The saline finish signs this wine and reminds its islander terroir. The wine may present a slight cloudiness linked to its encounter with seawater which destabilize the original product and sometimes cause precipitation.

Keeping potential : 2-3 years

Production : Immergée, this unique cuvée draws it particularity 30m underwater. Vermentino grapes are picked from the oldest vines of the estate and provide optimal flavors. The underwater aging for more than nine months creates special exchanges with its environment. This wine is offered like a treasure, and is available in ultra-limited quantities. The most beautiful parcels planted with old Vermentino vines are selected and reserved for this wine. Grapes are harvested very early before sunrise in order to keep their freshness and to preserve them against oxidation. Harvest dates are precisely calculated according to the sugar levels in the berries.

Maturing : Pellicular maceration takes place for a few hours prior to a soft pressing which ensures an optimized must. Low temperature racking, then fermentation with a variable proportion of 320-liter amphora, followed by 12-month aging on the lees. Nine months spent at 30m deep will make this wine unique and imbued with its unique underwater environment.

Packaging : bottle 75 cl

Ingredients : 100% Vermentino

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Domaine La Courtade
Île de Porquerolles
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